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Thursday, June 30, 2011

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

You're 95 and have Cancer, "Get your f'cking diaper off if you want to board this plane." says TSA

What kind of thug, and gang of ingrates, would assault and abuse an elderly woman like this? Was it a terrorist cell? uummm No. Was it a marauding gang of street youths like Bloods or Crypts? No, it wasn't. Was it a Motorcycle Gang like Hells Angels? Nope... it wasn't them either. Was this airport taken over and Captured by Muslim Extremists? Nope, it wasn't them either.

It was our latest long arm of the law the TSA, and if you're an American Citizen they work for you! Those are your peeps, terrorizing, and abusing the Elderly, the Children, and every other person who dares to Fly the friendly skies.

The tragic part of these abuses is that it isn't a rouge agent. It's not one bad apple. The TSA actually defends, encourages,  and condones, this behavior and these abuses. They are doing this for your protection and safety. This wasn't one agent, these idiots have been trained to act this way. They have been taught that they can do anything they want to, and you the sheaple can't do a damn thing about it, and you probably wouldn't even if you could. The worst part is it looks like they are 100% correct.

The Good Sheppard of the TSA, will guide you, and you she sheaple of the USA will simply allow yourselves to be led.

This Citizen calls on you to take it back. Use your Cameras and Video recorders, when dealing with the TSA. Call your Congressman, your Senator, your Mayor, or e-mail the Whitehouse. Do something.. just do some damn thing. The Government, the TSA, and the Authorities, hold you the Citizen in complete contempt, because they can. You are treated like shit by the MAN, for the same reason you wait in a line four customers long in WalMart, while 8 out of 10 cash registers remain closed and 4 blue vests wonder around doing nothing. You allow it, and they do it.

Wake Up America.. The only way you'll get better treatment is to demand better treatment, and you deserve it!

I'm not a fan of Keith Oberman but even he agrees this is wrong.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Cops VS Cameras II

Other then the trail of sperm on his chin and look of love in his eyes regarding Obama  <--The video in this link represents Brain Williams feelings for Obama) , and extending of course to Chuck Todd, who I'm sure he has a significant bro'mance <--- The Video in this link represents Brian Williams fantasy himself, Chuck Todd, and Obama, obviously Chuck Todd plays the chick) for, I would have to say Brian Williams is as close to unbiased as your gonna get regarding the evening News.

Still you can be damned sure when the overlords take over his Job will be safe. He's not what you call a rabel-rouser. He pretty much toes the line and always plays it safe.

You can imagine how shocked I was to be watching the evening news and see him covering, briefly, a story your diligent, fat, bald, California, connection deemed worthy of your attention last week. He may even have implied, with great tentativeness, that THE MAN had fucked up a little with the arrest, and then so-called parking violations, aka (we're gonna teach these fuckers a lesson about youtubing us).

Now, I can't help but wonder who's in charge of these Key Stone Cop bastards. Someone with an actual desk, decided, parking tickets were the answer to this public relations nightmare. So according to the video the city counsel, and mayors office, will be looking into this.

In my opinion this is something that the Federal Justice Department should be looking into because this is what I call witness intimidation. True, it's inept, border-line, idiotic, Witness Intimidation, but it still needs stamped out.

It's time to hold cops accountable.. They work for us!

(The link below leads to last weeks blog about this very case, and my thoughts on it.)
Last Weeks Blog Cops Versus Cameras

You may be asking what you can do and what this has to do with you..?
If you want freedom always vote for the rights of people to Video Tape, and photograph, public uniformed, officials in the line of duty in public places, and never ever vote against it.

If you don't police the police, who will?

Friday, June 24, 2011

Fuck Me Friday

Fuck Me Friday.

We've been married for 5 years because he has a cock like a fricking ball bat and I cum like a faucet every time. We've been married for 10 years because she is into porn-star sex all the time, and has a body like a 17 year old cheerleader.

These are two statements I've never heard, have you? If you haven’t heard them and I haven’t heard them then they probably don't represent reality.

I've decided to add a new weekly feature to my blog called Fuck Me Friday. I did this for a couple of reasons. The first reason is I've heard and read a thousand times and from countless sources that you should write what you know... well, I consider my marriage damn near perfect and can honestly say as the years go by, I love my wife more and more.

The second reason is that I know so many lonely, unhappy, beautiful women, and driven, hardworking, successful men, and I want them to have what I have. When you're not lonely, and are happy in your home life, the rest of your life will improve exponentially.

Now I want to make it clear to all of my readers, new, and regular, that I am not a Casanova, I'm not working with a huge cock, I'm not rich, and I'm not even that good looking. So, why is my marriage, and marriage bed rocking, and you're alone and frustrated or in a loveless marriage? This is a great question, and the goal of this weekly feature is to pass on a little of what I've learned, while stumbling ass backwards into the lottery of marriages.

First of all sex is very important, but probably not as important as it may seem, when you're looking into a marriage from the outside. The enemy isn't lack of sex, all women have fingers and know how to pet the kitten, and all men have a hand and know how to use it. The enemy of every man woman and child is loneliness. For some reason it's easier for everyone involved, especially the speaker to say 'I'm Horny.' then it is to say 'I'm Lonely.'

Loneliness has a stigma attached to it that hornyness doesn't. It almost as if society tells us that we can simply be 'horny' and that's fine but to admit that we are 'lonely' means there is something wrong with us or that we are less.

Now this may seem like a simply thing, but if we aren't looking for what we actually need, then chances are we won't find it.

All women have attractive qualities, and all men are basically enticed by the same things. Let your hair down, leave the bra at home, unbutton one more buttons on your blouse, wear a short skirt, some nice perfume, and show a strange man some attention and 8 times out of 10 you will get laid. This is true. I know it is, I am a Man, and was a single man for a long time. For men it's not quite that easy, but it's still pretty easy. We have to spend more, and game more, but if we apply ourselves, and go to the right places, we can usually find some woman somewhere who will let us tap that ass.

This proves that if loneliness, and hornyness, were the same thing we would all be fucking like bunnies, and everything would be golden. Unfortunately it's just not. One of the reasons is that we won't admit, even to ourselves, that occasionally we are horny, but mostly we are lonely.

People get lonely, mistake it for being horny, go get themselves laid, or masturbate and then the next day they are still lonely, and then they wonder what went wrong.

Maybe one in a hundred times the fuck-buddy hangs around long enough to get to know you, and come to like you, and then the loneliness ends, but usually the man jets feeling like he met his goal, or got lucky robbing a bank, and flees the scene of the crime, or the woman feels ashamed, and vulnerable, waking up next to a naked stranger, and she just wants him gone. Either way the loneliness doesn't get acknowledged let alone addressed, and nothing changes.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not judging. You wanna fuck, go ahead and fuck. I did, it was fun, I'm not a plumber but I have laid my share of pipe. Ha, Ha...

This isn't about that, you all already have Mothers or someone in your lives to judge you and make you feel like shit, that's not what this blog is for. This blog is to fix the world so everyone can be as happy as I am.

I'm gonna wrap this up because you all may have an attention span like mine and you could be getting bored by now.. so, I'll just say that today’s lesson to the lonely people in this world is to make sure and be honest with yourself about the difference between loneliness, and hornyness, and know that if your goal is to get laid you can get that done. Also know that if you set out to conquer the loneliness you can do that too, but rarely are you going to set out to cure one and accidentally end up curing the other.

I have invited a guest blogger
to offer a few thoughts about this subject.
Her Name is Stephanie Wanamaker and
you will find a link to her blog at the bottom of this page.
Please check it out if you have a second.
Clicking on her photo will lead to her google profile.

I am really impressed by this and I like the slogan!

                       I actually do suffer from loneliness, some nights.  Holiday weekends and Christmas are the worst.  Aside from anything sexual, it would be nice to have someone to tell absolutely everything to without fear of being judged. I have a close family and I love them, but you can't really can't tell your mother everything without her having a heart attack!

                      The main problem I have with relationships is men not meaning a word they say. They just say what they know you want to hear, and never think of anyone's feelings getting hurt. I certainly don't expect a man to say I love you in the first few months but I do expect him to phone when he says he will, show up no later than 15 minutes late for a date, and make an effort to compromise when we have small disagreements.

                       I am still looking for someone who won't mistake my kindness for weakness, underestimate my intelligence, and not disappear after 6 months. It is not enough to rock my world if I am never going to see you again ! 

                       That said, I would always rather be alone  and content than with someone and unhappy. They say love happens when you least expect it, and I have zero expectations right now, so you never know!  My name is Stephanie Wanamaker , I am Canadian, and I live in Ontario Canada. I am in college as a mature student, and having a relaxing summer.

                    Thank You for your contribution and incite Steph and we will be addressing some of these other issues as the weeks go by.

Again.. I'm not a guru, stud, or model.. I'm just a guy who's happily married and in love with his wife and his life.

If you have some thoughts or issues that you would like to see addressed on next weeks Fuck Me Friday Blog please send me an e-mail. If I use your letter I won't mention you name or email address and will only publish it generally without specific quotes.

Have a great weekend and if you can't be with the one you love then love the one your with.

Jody Swaney


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cops VS Cameras - Some thoughts...

When I was a boy about a thousand years ago, sometimes we would have stew. The stew was watery but my brothers and I were always hungry, so it was always good. Like yesterday I can remember being lined up at the table with the miss-matched dishes and silverware. Soup almost too hot to eat, but eating it anyway. Knowing that it would all get eaten, and knowing the speed of consumption was directly related to quantity we would be able to consume.

I remember the pan being empty, and being down to the watery broth at the bottom of the bowl. I recall dragging the spoon along the bottom hoping to capture a piece of carrot or potato or even the dream of hitting the lottery of stew day and getting a piece of meat. I can still feel the spoon as it bumped something on the bottom of the bowl... a piece of potato.

I've taken you with me on this walk down memory lane because the soup bowl is exactly how my mind has been. I keep pulling completely random things out of the bottom of the bowl. A hot wheel, an old ear ring, a rusty nickel, and a shiny penny, a small black rock, one of those old blue wire twisty things, they used to use to close up bread back in the day. Today this is what my creativity has been boiled down to.

Last night I talked to one of my best friends on the phone. We talked about things people do to try to make their world better. She pointed out that her sister volunteered at the humane society, and that her mother used public transportation all the time. As the conversation meandered like a trickling stream I admitted that I have a personal boy-cot against those stupid plastic bags they always give you at the grocery store. I boasted that I had probably cut 70% of them out of my life. I admitted that in the big picture it probably didn't matter but since I live in California and love the ocean it was my flavor of the month.

She confided that she wanted to do something that would make a difference in politics and asked what I had to suggest. Sadly I told her that I couldn't think of anything. I told her a different President wouldn't make any difference because the whole system was corrupt. I told her the Government serves the Government and we the people simply pay the man. Shortly after that the conversation ended, and I went to bed. Still the gills of the memory continued to twitch and spasm like a discarded catfish laying on the dock.

Today as I scanned the news and surfed the digital ocean of the web, I came across a story and short film, about the war against the camera. I read and learned about how cops hate cameras, and in lots of states it's actually illegal to film a policemen.

This is the link that lead to the video that lead to more research, about the war between cops and Cameras.

So finally, let’s try to bring this whole mess of random thoughts, memories, and words together.

The next time I talk to my friend I will ask her to read this blog because I think there is one thing we can do to actually make a difference. I would love to see a law passed that says it is 100% legal to film or photograph any public uniformed official on public property.

I realize this won’t happen soon, and probably won’t ever happen, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t happen.

Right now here in San Diego we have a cop in court for trading DUI's for panties and boob shots of college girls. Would this have happened had someone been video-taping these encounters? I don't think so.

It’s no secret that I’m no fan of cops. It’s no secret that I’ve never been helped by one, and I’ve never seen them protect and serve anyone I know. That’s a broad fucked up statement but it is what it is.

I don’t think cops start out as bullies and jack-booted thugs, but I do believe that’s how 99.9% of them turn out.

The surest way to turn this trend around is to hold them accountable, and the easiest way to hold them accountable, is to make sure that they know that everyone around them with a cellphone or camera might be recording their actions and behavior.

Honestly I can’t think of one reason, that a good officer, doing his duty correctly, should have any worry or concern over being recorded.

So, to my friend from last night, and to the random reader of this blog, if you want to do something that will make a difference, simply vote against laws that prohibit photographing, or video taping, public uniformed officials in the line of duty, and vote for anything that allows it.

This is one example of our Officers at work.

You Be The Judge.

My Thoughts On California Woman Microwaving Child.

Woman Microwaves Baby In California (Follow Link to story)

After reading this article about this woman who microwaved he daughter it make me reconsider everything. The thought of punishment for this horrendous crime seems silly. The poor baby will never have justice, she has already gone the way of hot-pockets, but we as a society must do something.

People will of course argue that this case is full of mental health issues, and someone somewhere did something to this woman to cause her to do this. We will spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to analyze her, and try her, and convict her. We will feed her, cloth her, provide her with healthcare, and educational opportunities. We will sympathize, sterilize, and empathize, with the victim, and the criminal. Perhaps lifetime will make this a movie of the week.

To me this all seems tedious, and moot.

For whatever reason this woman microwaved her child. The reason is meaningless because is there any possible justification?

I believe in monsters, and this woman proves me right. When you find, that there actually is a monster, living under the bed in your society you pull it out and kill it. You don't have to do it because you hate the monster but because we have a duty to all of society to permanently protect ourselves from monsters.

Perhaps Renfeld had it right.. When you find a Vampire living in your village you drive a fricking stake through it's heart.

The picture is a joke... The story and thoughts aren't.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Self Potrait and The Wolf Pack at Rest

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Friday, February 4, 2011

maggots are just creepy

Please don't steal my photos, your welcome to use them
but please provide a link and give credit where credit is due.

These photos are HUGE so please click on them to see them

When I saw this it occurred to me that the only thing here that
hasn't been manipulated by man and development is the rocks.
Kind of makes them cool, don't you think?

What the hell is a King Cobra lid doing
on a Gin Bottle? I'm sure
there is a story here but I can't guess what it is.

Only in an area where it doesn't freeze can you run the pipes
above ground. They are still ugly though.

Anyone can take a picture, and when I look
at them I always wonder what the photographer was
thinking while he took it.
As a bonus I'll try to give you that too.

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Down Under the Overpass

This is one of those places where lots of things happen and none
of them are good.

 It's always chilly even on the hottest day.
That's because the sun never shines here.
Plants won't grow, cuts always get infected,
animals are always dead or dieing, anything
that has been drown anywhere will wash up
here and 9 times out of 10, and it's just bad news.

Tommy learned to huff paint here from Bob the Hobo.

Carrie gave her first blow job here, and her second and
third when his friends showed up.

Jake spray painted that he fucked Susan in red paint,
on the wall.

Hank gives little boys their first taste of Gin,
and then who knows what happens.

I'll bet there are a million stories down here
and none of them have a happy ending.

These were a few of the thoughts that crossed my mind
when I took the pictures.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mission Beach, some old hot-rods, thoughts on prison, creepy carousal, and a pissed of lady.

Please click on the individual pictures to see them in full size. 
You already here, you may as well see the picture like it was meant to be seen.

So I'm driving down the street in the mission beach area and I see these
two cars just parked on the street. The neighborhood is a little hinkey
and I told myself as I got out of the car I was just gonna get a few quick snaps
 and jamm out. Unfortunately after about 8 pictures I realize the camera is set on full manuel
and the shots are looking like shit. I kick it over to appreture priority and then I'm in the zone.
 The details are talking to me and as 5 minutes slip into 10 and a few shots get into 20 plus
 I slide out of there without getting questioned or getting my 
ass kicked by some big bastards.

This shot was taken at the Marina and although the boats were
 cool the light just didn't seem
 to be working with.. I just wasn't feeling it. For me taking pictures is like baking
 a cake and one of the
key ingredients is my mood. Pretty pictures of boats just weren't doing it for me,
 and then I came across
this gate. It immediately took me back in time to when
 I was actually doing time in a Federal Prison.
(I was on D Block)
Even the color of the metal was the same. It made me think of how here in San Diego
 it separatesthe boat owners from the general public,
 the haves from the have nots, 
and when I was in it separated
the crooks from the public. I considered how Ironic it was that here people want 
on the other side of the gate and then all we wanted was to be on this side of the gate.
 I made a mental note not to park
my boat there when my ship comes in, and then I got a little sad and moved on.

I'm sharing ths one just because I thought the reflection off of the water was cool.

While I was out shooting today in the Mission beach area the fog just
wouldn't roll out. No tourists were in the area and it was mostly just me
the people waiting for tourists and the homeless old men and run away kids.

For me there has always been something a little creepy
about carousels. They are so pretty but I always think about how
it is a big machine under the glam and pretty animals and machines
don't care for kids. They will crush them or drag them along in a new york second
and as the kids scream the music just continues to play. I've also always
been very skeptical of carousel operators as they always look dirty and half stoned,
they look like they secretly hate kids, and just really couldn't care less.
I guess it just could be me.

I just thought these photos captured that feeling pretty well.

I posted this picture because there was something unusual about it. I'm not enough of
a photographer to tell you what it is or how I did it I was just surprised at how deep this
photo turned out.

What are you looking at? She asked with her face. In truth I barely even noticed her until
I looked at these photos at home on the monitor. 
When I take pictures sometimes it's as if I'm in 
some kind of trance. I'm the big fat guy looking thru the view finder and
 actually bumping into
people. I am the one that lines up, and frames out the shot, 
and just as I click a car drives by and I'm
like where the hell did that come from. Then I remember
 I'm shooting across the street.
If you don't know by now I'm a little nuts.

I just want to tell you all how much I appreciate your views and comments. It's so flattering
to know that people have looked at the work thru my eyes almost 800 times.

I suppose I'm an attention whore.. Hell if I looked better and I was a chick, I'd be publishing beaver shots
and upskirts.. Lucky for you I'm just a fat guy with a very nice 14mp digital camera.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Desert Reflections, and photos.

(As always please click on the photo to see it in it's actual size..)

I am a fan of trains. Old ones, and new ones. 
The whole train thing gives me wood.
I actually feel an excitement when I stand on train tracks. 
The thing is trains made
good sense then and they still make sense. 
In the opinion of this fat ass, bald, photo
bug, rails are a hugely underrated American resource.
 For me train-tracks and trains represent endless possibilities.

When I saw this shack it made me think of Hoboes and chili heated
 in a fire and eaten out of the can.
 It made me think of whiskers, and clothes with patches, and pissing on
a bush. It made me think of cheep wine and cold nights.

I took this picture at a flea market in Yuma Arizona. It just made me think of pain.
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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Ocean Beach, San Diego, California 9am in January..

I don't mean to brag but this is the best action shot I have ever taken.
This inspires me because I am becoming more and more convinced that for me to
be a good photographer I need to take lots of pictures and hope for the best.
This photo proves that even a fat bald guy with a digital camera can get lucky once in awhile.

The thing about mornings at Ocean Beach is that the paint looks a little more peeled,
the imperfections are a little more glaring, and it's as if the glamm, has slipped just a little.

The homeless man in the bathroom at the coffee shop washing his pits in the sink makes
it a little more difficult to believe in the voice of the mighty and powerful OZ, and it makes you
a little more apt to look behind the green curtain to see what's really going on.

It's not less beautiful, but more mature and seasoned, kind of like an
exotic dancer minus the pole and neon, 12 hours later in her trailer house
with a Salem, a tattered terry cloth robe, a chipped cup of Sanka.

The bright colors and neon are still there but they pale a little with the new morning sun.

I still love it and I love California, for me it proves the magic is real,
because at 330 in the afternoon, when this whore is painted up, and the bikinis, wet suits,
guitar players, cigarette bumms, and sun dresses are out in force it's 100% paradise.

(Please take a moment to click the photos so you can see them in full size.)

Greedy Eyes...

One of the things that I hear most of all regarding my photos is
 that they are too cluttered, too busy,
and that they distract the viewer. In lots of ways I agree with this, 
however I often ask myself what it is that I
am trying to demonstrate with my pictures. Is my goal to organize and define life? 
Is my goal to provide focusand to de-clutter peoples lives with my pictures? I suppose in a portrait this might be the goal of the photographer.

For me it's not the case. For me the magic in the photo is to actually capture more of the world then can possibly be contained in the single dimension box of the photograph. The goal of tis photographer is to get you to click the image and study it for a moment. I want to show you something you haven't see or at least haven't noticed.

For a moment think of my photos as if they are a surprise all you can eat buffet table that someone has set up in your dining room while you were watching the evening news. Feast on the orange and blue, gorge yourself on the lines and the details, and if this confuses and distracts you then unbutton the top button on your trousers, let your belt out, recline in your EZ chair and have a snooze. You deserve it.

After all the world is full of unicorns, butterflies, rainbows, and well defined portraits of grinning children, and carefully made up fashion models.
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Friday, January 7, 2011

Fun with effects...

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If you have to have a mailbox, why not a bulldozer?

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Monday, January 3, 2011

I just thought the colors and clouds were cool in this snap...

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Sharing raisins and morning TV

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Sunday, January 2, 2011

So today while I'm waiting for Jennifer in Macy's I cranked open the aprature and took some snaps.

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